Window Screen Repair

Holes in your window screens aren’t just ugly, They are annoying. Mosquitoes, gnats, flies and bees will eventually find their way into your home and no doubt into the bedroom while you’re trying to fall asleep.

Nasty bites that cause annoying itching or even worse are bad enough outside. Why live in your home and have these issues also. Holes in your window and door screens are literally an open invitation for these pests. Screen Repair Image 1

P.E.C. Services offers on site window screen repair service for your home or business We offer a variety of window screening materials including vinyl coated fiberglass and polyester.

The screen is removed from the window fixture where possible, replace the screening material with your choice of quality fabrics and then reinstalled. We can match just about any fabric or framing if frame repair is needed.

We also offer specialty materials such as “Pet Resistant”, “Solar Control”, and “High Visibility Insect Control”.

Prevent West Nile!

The Center For Disease Control reports one of the ways to prevent west nile virus, is to repair and replace your old worn out and torn screens with tight fitting window and door screens.

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