Power Washing

A building’s exterior surfaces are always exposed to elements that will harm them.

Some of these elements are natural, while others are artificial. Dirt, dust, ultraviolet rays, wind and rain will take their toll on a building’s exterior, causing oxidization, degradation, discoloration and chalking over a period of time. Spiders, tree sap, mold, birds and mildew can also add to the problem. As if all this wasn’t enough,industrial pollution, acid rain and automotive exhaust can further deteriorate your buildingsexterior over time. If they are not washed off, they can diminish the value of a building by destroying the exterior.

As a homeowner or business owner there is nothing worse than driving up to a property and seeing that the cleaning has been neglected. Dirt, grime, moss and mildew buildup can really convey the wrong first impression.and actually pose health and safety issues.

P.E.C. Services works with homeowner and business owners alike to provide pressure washing services that will not disrupt the flow of business or lifestyle.

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