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We repair scratched glass windows like new, while you save up to 80% over damaged glass replacement!

Got scratched glass? Don’t replace it…Restore it. We utilize the latest technologies to completely remove minor to severe scratches, stains and graffiti on almost any glass surface.

Our professional glass scratch removal and glass restoration services provide building and homeowners alike with a simple, timely, and more cost effective alternative to replacement.

Our services can effectively remove most scratches on windows, mirrors, doors and windshields. Scratch and acid graffiti are also effectively eliminated. Shipping, construction, glass graffiti, and yes, even pet scratches can be repaired.

All scratched glass repair and glass restoration systems remove a very small layer of glass during the cleaning and polishing process. The amount of glass removed is measured in microns and will not degrade the clarity of the glass if the process is done correctly. This is very important to think about when selecting a selecting a glass restoration company in Chicago, because anyone can obtain most of the needed equipment and claim to be in the scratch removal business. They may be able to remove a scratch, but at the same time, they usually end up damaging and distorting the glass so it looks worse than the scratch or graffiti did, and has to be repaired again or replaced.

P.E.C. Services Glass Scratch Removal Specialists uses the latest technology and industry leading equipment for your glass repair restoration problems.

Our system is perfect for condos and residences because, except for a minimal amount of water, almost all of the excessive splatter and glass polish run off is confined to a small area. This glass restoration method leaves no chemicals behind and eliminates most mess associated with glass stain removal and glass graffiti removal.




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